Lurpak have always been known for their creative television ads. Their most recent addition to the collection is the adrenaline filled 'Game On, Cooks'

Let's take a look at their social content on Youtube.
This is presented as a 'cook-along' video, using Lurpak as an ingredient.

Why is it good content?

Firstly, it's short, punchy and straight to the point. Within the first few seconds, we've seen exactly what the video is about and we've seen the branding on the product (not just a floating logo sucking up the valuable first 5 seconds). 

Test is used on screen, in small 'bite-sized' pieces, rather than big chunks of overbearing copy. Did they list all of the ingredients in the video in a slow laborious fashion? No. They simply made use of Youtube's description section and pointed the audience in the right direction. 
Similarly, the rest of the video has beautiful pacing. Jumping between short bursts of footage and clean instructions, the video finds the perfect balance between 'jazz hands' and 'instructional' content. The music choice does a cracking job at setting the tone and pace too.

The video creators have acknowledged that the audience, if inclined to make the food, will take the appropriate action to follow the recipe more closely. (ie. checking out the full list of ingredients and pausing the video when needed). So whilst they do have a hint of instruction, they're mostly taking the role of 'inspiration' videos. They evoke emotion, get the taste buds tingling and create aspirations.

Check out their other videos here.
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